Outlaws of the Galaxy. Meet Quincy Randall – conman, thief, and part-time idiot. Join him and his robot sidekick Floyd as they try to steal enough cash to make it back to civilisation.

The Great Vicari Mysteries. A series of three 1930s mystery novels featuring magician turned detective Benjamin Vickery.

Who Killed Big Dick? A contemporary crime thriller introducing down-at-heel private detective Joe Lucke.

Robot Wrecker. A near-future science fiction thriller in which robot repairman Stevie Houston must discover who is behind the murderous exploits of the ultra-violent Robot Wrecker.

The Thurlambria series. A darkly-humorous fantasy series in which two thieves discover that magic is returning to their world – along with creatures such as dragons and the waking dead.


Harry Harrison: An Annotated Bibliography. The first ‘complete’ bibliography of works by the science fiction author Harry Harrison.

Mystery: How to Write Traditional and Cozy Whodunits. First in the Genre Writer series. Detailed exploration of the plot structure and conventions of mystery stories. Includes a step-by-step breakdown of how The Sword in the Stone-Dead was plotted and written.

Suspense Thriller. Second book in the Genre Writer series taking an in-depth look at the plot structure and conventions/tropes of all types of various types of thriller.

Crime Thriller. Third in the Genre Writer series digging into the plot structures and conventions/tropes of detective and noir thrillers, caper and heist stories, gangster movies, and police procedurals.

Character Creation. Presents three fundamental character personality types and three ‘hybrid’ types to provide a model for creating fully-rounded and psychologically complex characters.