Robot Wrecker

It’s Wreckin’ Time!


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A robot can never harm a human being. Or so they would have you believe. But a robot is just like any other tool – or weapon – and will do whatever you want it to.

Stevie Houston is a rebel who likes to joyride in giant walking robots and to trash ‘droids in creative and amusing ways. Until he meets repairman and inventor Raoul Zacharias. He has just created an artificial muscle-fibre that will revolutionise the robotics industry. And the major robot manufacturers will go to any lengths to get their hands on it – including murder.

As he tries to protect the old, Stevie must use every bit of technology he can fix or steal – from a boogie-woogie playing robot to a flying exo-suit borrowed from an injured police woman.

But as the Robot Wrecker tears everything apart in its search for the invention, will anything be able to stop it?