Crime Thriller

Create Tough Guy Detectives and Femmes Fatales

The crime thriller first became popular in the 1930s and has been a best-selling genre ever since. Readers and viewers love stories about private investigators, police detectives, forensic pathologists, serial killers, gangsters, conmen and thieves.

To write a crime thriller you need to know the conventions of the genre – what elements people expect to find and what plot structure you should use. In this book you will find analyses and templates to write novels or screenplays featuring:

  • Private Detectives
  • Gangsters and Gun Molls
  • Police Procedures & Forensic Investigation
  • Serial Killers
  • Undercover Cops
  • Burglars & Thieves
  • Confidence Tricksters
  • Film Noir Romance
  • Prisoners, Vigilantes & Enforcers

In these pages you will also learn the secrets of the buddy cop story and details about informants, interrogating suspects, surveillance & stake-outs, conducting missing person and murder investigations, and how to write a car chase.

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