Who Killed Big Dick?

Is That a Dagger in Your Pocket?


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Not everyone goes into Big Dick’s Floors ‘n’ Beds looking for a carpet or a mattress. Some of them go in to see if the owner lives up to his name. Judging by his popularity, he does. When Big Dick is found stabbed in the groin, it seems obvious that the murderer is a jealous husband. But down-at-heel detective Joe Lucke quickly discovers that Dick didn’t just steal other men’s wives.

With his own brother-in-law topping the list of murder suspects, Joe needs to track down a missing shipping container that holds vital evidence. Before it’s found by local gangsters.

A femme fatale, abusive Indian waiters, an over-excited pit-bull, and an informant with a bondage fetish are just some of the obstacles that stand in the way of Joe discovering Who Killed Big Dick?

Lew Archer never had days like these.