Fortune’s Fool

Fool-sThe Stage is Set for Destruction!

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What should have been a simple act of thievery leaves Anton Leyander with two bloody corpses, and no spoils. Hiding out in a local theatre troupe, he soon learns that while there may not be much honour among thieves, there’s even less among actors.

Anton’s rivalry with arrogant male lead Edric Edison rapidly escalates into violence, both on and off stage. Things deteriorate further when the two are forced to become partners against a common foe – the Captain of the Guard, whose black heart and devious scheming put any stage villain to shame.

With a cast that features jealous lovers, assassins, and an amorous hunchback – not to mention a ship filled with gunpowder – the question becomes: Will everyone die in the final act?

Fortune’s Fool is the sequel to Slayer of Dragons