Slayer of Dragons

Dragon Attack!

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Bryn Fairfax knows Slayer of Dragons is only an honorary title: dragons have been extinct for decades. All he has to do is wear a suit of armour on ceremonial occasions, and pretend to be a hero. It is the perfect job. Until the dragon arrives. Now people expect their Slayer of Dragons to live up to his name.

How do you tackle something the size of a house that breathes fire and eats people? The storybooks say you recruit a wizard, a thief, and a dwarf. But in a small town, getting the right people isn’t easy. Anton Leyander’s tricks aren’t magic, except for the headless duck, but that was more an example of how not to do magic. And Gosling isn’t actually a dwarf, he’s just a very short assassin.

Olivia isn’t a thief, she’s a virgin, and needs to see the dragon killed before the locals sacrifice her. Either that or lose her virginity. But she’s not having much luck with men: Anton has his eye on Bryn; Bryn is only interested in himself; and everyone else would rather tie her to a stake than deflower her. They just don’t make men like they used to.

With champions like this, the fate of the town looks set to involve flames and a lot of screaming. Unless a real hero can be found – a genuine Slayer of Dragons.