Below are a few resources mentioned in the book, along with a chapter that I decided not to include in the final book.

Character Palette Summary Chart

The ‘character palette’ is a set of six archetypal personality types that I discuss in detail in the book. This chart – included as an appendix in the book – is a summary of the qualities that make up each of the archetypes.

Character Palette Summary

Character Profile Form & Notes

I created a profile form that can be used to keep track of the details you create for a character – it is included as an appendix in the book and there is a PDF version below that you can print out and fill in. If you would like an editable .DOCX version of the form, drop me an e-mail via the ‘Contact’ page — be sure to include your e-mail address so I can send the form on to you.

Character Profile Form

Character Profile Notes

‘Before You Begin Writing’ aka ‘Finding the Writer Within’

In the first draft of Character Creation this was the first chapter. I showed it to a writer-friend and he hated it, so I moved it to an appendix in the second draft. And then I chickened out and cut it from the third draft completely. Here it is in PDF form — you might find it interesting or you may hate it too.

Before You Begin Writing

Forty-Eight Emotions

This is a list that I include in the book — it is taken from Part 3 of Spinoza’s Ethics with modern dictionary definitions added by me. I’ve included it as a PDF here in case you want to use it for inspiration.

The Emotions – from Spinoza

Character ‘Throughline’

I mention this briefly in the book and again I’m including it here because you might find it useful as you work on your own characters. This is a single-page ‘model’ based on the 12-step program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. I use a much more detailed ‘character development arc’ model in Character Creation (see below)


Character Development Arc

The model or template I use for a character development arc in Character Creation is based on the three-act/eight-sequence plot model that I covered in detail in Plot Basics. The PDF below is the summary of the character development arc that is included in the book.

Character Development Arc