Quin Randall

Quincy Randall is a self-confessed confidence trickster and thief. He is a wanted man on fourteen planets and has a price on his head. As a result, there are bounty hunters on his trail – including the most dangerous of them all, a man called O’Keefe. At some point in the recent past Quin stole something belonging to some very dangerous people and is now hiding out on the most out-of-the-way world he could think of – Saphira.


Originally Quin was living in relative luxury on the space station hotel, the Starlight, that orbits Saphira, but a run of bad luck saw him banished to the less salubrious setting of the planet below. When we first meet him, Quin is trying to scrape together enough cash to buy a ticket off Saphira. The promise of hidden treasure deep in the jungle seems an ideal opportunity to get what he needs. But things are never that simple.

Quin is in his early thirties and has two ex-wives and an ex-husband but, as he explains it, he was only married to his second wife for six weeks. He doesn’t say why this was the case – but it may be related to his recent run of bad luck.

Quin travels around Saphira in a Jeep-like vehicle called a Trekker. It’s a big electric-powered 4×4 ideally suited to the planet’s desert wastelands and unpaved roads. But it’s not much use in the jungle. Initially Quin travels alone but later teams up with a robot called Floyd. The two of them try various ways – legal and illegal – to get the money they need to buy passage back to a more civilised part of their galaxy.

Although he’s an outlaw, Quin lives by his own strict moral code. He’s never killed a man and will do everything he can to avoid doing so. But he is an expert shot with a revolver and the Trekker has a trunk full of explosives that he’s happy to use to create a little mayhem.

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