Murder by Magic

The Curtain Rises on Murder!

Police are mystified when a magician is killed on stage, shot inside a locked box, and ask The Great Vicari to investigate.

Ben Vickery returns to the theatre for the first time since fleeing after one of his own illusions went horribly wrong. Here he encounters faces from his own past, and has an opportunity to lay a ghost to rest. But is he ready to go back on stage?

As their enquiry progresses, the magician-sleuth and his assistant Malloy learn that no-one has a motive for the murder — except the one man who could not possibly have committed it. Unless he used magic. Can they discover how the trick was performed — and who was the mastermind behind it — before the curtain rises on another corpse?

Murder By Magic is the sequel to The Sword in the Stone-Dead. Look out for the third in the series The Missing Magician.

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