Road Rage

Fugitives in the Fast Lane

Desperate for cash, thief and confidence trickster 
Quin Randall does something drastic – he gets 
a job. He and his robot sidekick Floyd buy an 
eighteen-wheeler. Being truckers will be a lot less 
dangerous than being outlaws. Won’t it?

They are hired to take a shipment cross country 
and things quickly get complicated. The cargo 
they’re carrying isn’t medical supplies. And their 
client may not actually own it. Then Quin breaks 
the first rule of trucking – Never pick up hitch-
hikers. His passenger is a certain red-head who’s 
a bigger crook than he is. Is it a coincidence that 
she happens to be there? Probably not.

Pursued by the highway police, a gang of bikers, and
 a rival’s armed posse, Quin will never meet the 
delivery deadline. Unless he does something crazy – 
like take a shortcut through the Badlands, an old 
battlefield said to be inhabited by mutants and 
monsters. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.