A Fistful of Trouble

The Return of the Magnificent Two

Thief and confidence trickster Quincy Randall 
arrives in Cicada City with his sidekick Floyd, 
an eight-foot tall ex-military robot. Their plan is 
simple: swindle a wealthy local businessman and 
buy passage off the planet Saphira.

Things start to go wrong when Quincy becomes
 entangled with Harmony, a female fraudster who 
cons the conman. And the duo’s problems get 
worse when the resident villain brings in a robot 
army to take over the town.

When the bad guys kidnap Floyd and use him as 
a weapon, Quincy must mount a rescue – but can 
he trust the lovely but larcenous Harmony to help 
him? And can the people of Cicada City really
 depend on two outlaws to save them?

The sequel to Battleship Raider is a science fiction/
Western mash-up that mixes adventure and 
humour with just a hint of romance. Look out for 
the third book in the series Road Rage.